Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just Haven't Met You Yet

Taren showed me this music video the other day. Love it! It's definitely my new theme song.

I have a few thoughts:

1) Michael Buble's facial expressions concern me. He's cute and all, but there's just something about the darn faces he makes. I constantly feel uncomfortable when I watch him sing.

2) Where is this grocery store, and why am I not shopping there?!

3) The man's pants at 3:34 are also very concerning. That cut is getting precariously close to the nether-region. I don't know which genius in the wardrobe department thought it would be brilliant to put a pair of ripped, butt-tight pants on a dancing man, but every time I watch this I can't help feeling that something disastrous could happen at any minute.

That's all, really.

Oh, and Michael? It's true--you haven't met me yet. But just you wait. Once I find that extremely awesome grocery store, it's going to be magical.


Scott and Jillian said...

And what is the definition of the word "sluck"? 'Cause I think he said it a couple of times in the song.

The Stanley's said...

Julianna.. i hate to tell you this but i heard he has a girlfriend!

Taren said...

he just hasn't met ME yet! Me!!!

Jules said...

Take it back! TAKE IT BACK!!


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