Monday, February 9, 2009

Thoughts on Braces: Week 1

Yes, it's true. I finally bit the bullet, so to speak, and decided to fix my gappy teeth. So, that means I get to look like this for (roughly) the next twelve months of my life:

My apologies, but at this time I haven't released any photos with the new braces. The paparazzi is hounding me daily in a desperate attempt to capture a rare photo of my new smile, but I'm fairly adept at avoiding these pictures. (I watched a lot of "Home Improvement" as a child, and learned several tips from Wilson. Thanks, Wilson, for teaching me how to hide my face.)

Anyway, here are my thoughts about having braces, thus far:

Day 1) I was quite shocked at how relatively painless the whole process was. "This is it?" I thought. "This isn't bad at all! People are such whiners!" Of course, I didn't know what in the world to do with my mouth now that it was filled with a layer of ceramic and metal, but that was just fine. I could deal with that.

Day 2) Things were still great. I went to work, I could talk, had a fun night. Things were awesome. Once again I thought, "People are whiners! This isn't even that bad."

Day 3) I got my come-uppance, big time. I woke up and my lips were so swollen that I didn't even have dimples any more. I looked a little like Jack Nicholson's Joker from "Batman". I had this pained perma-grin on my face:

Not cute.

Day 4) Thoughts-- "Kill me now." "My mouth is on fire." "What was I thinking?"
On a positive note, I did lose about five pounds because I COULDN'T EAT ANYTHING!!!! Ha ha.


Day 6) #&$#*#*!!!

Day 7) Somehow, I found my inner chi and decided to respect the braces. I guess.

Secretly, I still want to rip them out of my mouth, but I'm trying to be a good girl. Plus, the brackets seem to be plenty willing to pop off on their own, so I don't even need to do anything.

Oh well. It will be worth it, right?

Just say yes, everyone. Humor me.


Mari said...

Um, yeah. Totally worth it... Soon the pain will be a distant memory healed by gorgeous super model teeth.
For the record I thought you looked beautiful before though.

Mel said...

You are hilarious! I needed a good laugh today. I especially loved the Wilson and Joker references.

Taren said...

I love reading anything that involves Wilson. Touche.

Soon this will all be a disant memory, and you will get a good chuckle any time someone asks "did you have braces, or are you teeth just naturally perfect?"

Taren said...

p.s. I replied to your comment. you were wondering why I cried...


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