Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Hulk

So, I finally found the cord to my camera (YAY!) and was able to upload some pictures. Woohoo! Anyway, I found this video from when my family came to visit Midland over the summer. Stephen and Mel get Kyle to do "The Hulk," which is a funny little trick. He tenses up, grunts, and his eyes get really big. Also, his parents teach him about kissing. It's cute.... Disclaimer--The narrator of this video (aka me) is very annoying. Pay no attention to her.

Friday, January 16, 2009

National Hermit Month!

Good news for all of you fellow hermits: January is National Hermit Month! Okay, so it's not official or anything, but it should be. I mean, what month could be more perfect than January to dig deep and get in touch with your inner hermit? There are so many reasons to put on your sweats, grab your Twinkies, and curl into the fetal position during this wonderful *cough* month. (Disclaimer: If you happen to be a hermit living in a non-cold MIAMI, for example, some of these reasons may not apply. Also, I'm incredibly jealous and may exclude you from some of the hermit celebrations out of spite. No offense.)

1) For all of you Utahns--THE INVERSION!!
Yay! That's right, boys and girls. The mountains have trapped this lovely layer of smog in our valley, and we get to deal with it until...well, whenever. Woohoo! Not only does this mean our view will be impaired, but the air quality will be horrible and the temperatures will drop significantly.

Definitely a reason to crawl into your hermit cave and not come out until spring.

2) Cold temperatures in general. (I feel really bad for you, people in the Midwest.)

3) The current economic state...*shudder.*

4)...Actually, I'm done listing reasons. I'm just too excited to begin all of my National Hermit Month Celebrations!! You are more than welcome to come up with your own celebrations for this fantastic month, but I have my own schedule to follow.

Day 1: Stay at home.
Day 2: Stay at home.
Day 3: Watch a movie. Stay at home.
Day 4: Read a book. Eat some Twinkies. Stay at home.
Day 5: Drive to the store. Buy more Twinkies. Get out as quickly as possible and go back home.

Etc, etc.

Doesn't that sound exciting?!! Oh, I can't wait. ;-)

I hope you will join me in the festivities. (Of course, I'm not hoping that you'll join me literally. National Hermit Month should be celebrated alone, after all.)

Happy Hermit-ing!


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