Thursday, March 4, 2010

Women, Know Your Limits

For any of you who haven't ever lived in Utah County, let me tell you that it's a singular sort of place. Singular, perhaps, because of the people who live here. They are very singular people, indeed, full of all kinds of singularity.

I'm done using the word singular. *Cheers erupt from the 2 people who are reading this blog.* Give me a break! I've been around wee little kidlets all day. They're dear little creatures, but sometimes they just suck the creative juice directly from my brain. And, unfortunately, this makes it difficult for me to think of words.... *Twitch*

What was I saying? Ah, yes. Utah County. It really is a nice place and I can recommend all sorts of things about it. But, sometimes there are people here who have very narrow minds.

Like the one guy who once told my mom, "If God wanted women to wear earrings, He would have created them with holes in their ears."

Hmmm. By that logic, if God wanted us to wear clothes, we would have come out of the womb fully-dressed. (That would be disgusting.)

I'm just saying.

So, when I saw this video, I just had to post it. It's a little overboard, but sometimes I feel that there are people around here who still have this mentality:

Okay, so life here isn't quite that bad, but sometimes I feel that there are people here who think, "Oh, you women are just so sweet. You rest your pretty heads and let the men do the work."

Next time I'm on a date, I'm going to try the kitten line and see if it works.

Oh, and speaking of dating....

I need to find myself a "spunky chap with his hat at jaunty angles" so I no longer need to "wander through the minefield of caddishness".

Well, there you have it. According to these videos, Utah County shares striking similarities with 1940's England. (Well, a satirical 1940's England, anyway.) If only we all had those charming British accents....


Jarom said...

HA! Where do you find these!?

Jeff said...

Wow. Those were superb.

Jules said...

Jarom, there are a bunch of them! The Conjugal Rights one is hilarious, even though it's a bit racy. Just go to YouTube and search....

Tyler said...

Loved it! You are a fantastic writer. I secretly read all of your posts... Fortunately, I'm not a toothless foreigner.


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