Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You've Failed Me For The Last Time!

I have officially been back in Utah now for over a week. My older brother got married on Saturday, so Grama Sue and I made the drive together to be here for the wedding. And I just have to say that my grandma is the best driving partner ever. Not only are we both fast drivers, but we also have excellent taste in music. So, speedy driving plus Styx music equals fun.

However, faulty Google Maps plus running wedding errands does NOT equal fun.

For those of you who have never driven in Utah, let me explain the address system to you. We have this handy dandy grid system that can be quite useful for finding addresses. Most addresses here are like this: 555 South 555 West. (I hope that's not a real address.) Anyway, if you need to find it, you just drive south until you hit 555, and then west until you hit 555. Pretty simple.

Unless, of course, some HoodyHoo decides to get all "creative" and name a street after something else.

"Hey! This sensible grid system is so boring. I'm going to name my street after something cool bear or something. Yeah! Bear Lane! I'm sooooo creative."

And then some poor soul is stuck trying to find a house on Bear Lane, when she has no idea where Bear Lane is BECAUSE IT ISN'T PART OF THE GRID SYSTEM!!!

*Jules goes into a rage.*

*Jules calms down.*

You're probably thinking, "Jules, that's what Google Maps is for." Ah, my friends, I too once believed in the power of Google Maps. In fact, I trusted in Google Maps just the other day, as I was searching for a place called Prosperity road. But, after blindly following truly horrible directions and having to spend 45 minutes backtracking, I realized that my trust was wasted.

Darn you, Google! You have failed me for the last time. I'm going over to MapQuest.

And Prosperity Road? You suck. STICK TO THE GRID SYSTEM!!!


Jeff said...

Wow, I'm really annoyed by these automated comments, and it's not even my blog.

Anyway, I know exactly what you mean. The grid system is my favorite. There is one problem with it that comes up when a street isn't a through street, but other than that, I love it. Here in DC, even with Google Maps a person can easily get good and lost. My mom and I struggled with following our Google Maps directions at a few times. Anyway... I hear what you're saying.


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