Sunday, August 22, 2010

Was That Necessary?

I was just driving down the road after church, listening to Mormon Tabernacle Choir music, and minding my own business. All of a sudden, the guy in front of me stepped on his brakes. I looked around him to see if there was something in the road or something, but no. Obviously, he was tapping on his brakes because he thought I was riding his bumper. I thought, "Oh. I didn't even realize I was following closely. How fast am I going?" The speed limit. So, I continued to go the speed limit. Sure, I was a little close to the guy in front of me, but whatever. If you're driving slowly, you should be prepared to be followed closely by those who would like to go the speed limit...or faster.

Well, anyway, the time came for me to turn off the road, so I pulled into the turning lane. Much to my confusion, the dude in front of me stuck his hand out the window to give me a nice, friendly, flipping off gesture.

That was a little dramatic.

Did I mention that the guy was wearing "church clothes"?

I hope his lesson today was on being Christlike.


Jarom said...

That's terrible, yet, so very very funny...

Drake said...

Driving in thing I need to get used to again.


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