Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You need a new ad campaign.

The other day I was watching something on Hulu, and a commercial came on that immediately got my attention, because it was asking all kinds of "What if?" questions.

"What if you went to grad school?" (Ooh! Grad school? I want to go to grad school!)

"What if you went to Prague?" (Ooh! Prague! I want to go to Prague!)

"What if you changed your mind and went to Montana instead?" (A few shots of horses running free through beautiful green fields. Now I want to go to Montana.)

"What if you met someone?" (A shot of a hunky cowboy-type person. Now I really want to go to Montana.)

"What if he gave you HPV? What if it turned into cervical cancer?"

Julianna's brain lets out a mental SCREECHING sound.

Wait a minute. Where did that come from? One minute we're running with the horses, and the next minute you try to turn it into some dramatic cervical cancer awareness ad.

I hate when commercials try to fool me. They drag me in with their pretty pictures, and the next minute they're trying to make me all weepy-eyed. It's not going to work on me! If I were the rebellious type, I would go out right now and get cervical cancer, just to spite whoever made this commercial. "Yeah, your commercial did nothing to prevent ME from getting cancer. I saw your commercial and now I'm on my deathbed. Take THAT!"

Yeah, that would show 'em.

If you really want to get people to avoid HPV like the plague, all you need to do is show a picture of Tree Man and say something like:

"HPV can lead to this:"

ARGH! I'll never touch anyone ever again!

Now THAT would be an effective commercial.

Since I'm on the subject of ineffective ad campaigns, does anyone remember this anti-Meth ad that was on several years ago? Oddly enough, that catchy tune makes Meth seem sort of appealing. (My brothers and I still sing the song to this day. "Ooh Meth. Ooh Meth!"

Yes, it was a legit commercial. Anti-drug fail.


Janeal said...

hahahaha WHAT? that's the weirdest commercial I've ever seen.

also, the HPV commercials drive me nuts too. I just want to be like, "well maybe you should wrap it before you tap it!"

Mel said...

Have you thought about going into advertising? Maybe THAT'S your calling!

Melanie said...

Well, thanks. I wasn't catching the vision of the craziness when you sang it to me on Monday night. . . but now. I won't be able to get it out of my head.

Also, WTH is up with the tree man?

Aurora said...

LOL! I'm the same way! Commercials make me so defiant..

Datin'Kait said...

Please tell me what that lady has is just caked on mud and not a real disease... She scares me.

And I still sing that meth song sometimes, too. I remember I actually envied that girl a little bit. I always thought, "wow! if only I could be so efficient and motivated to clean!"

Jules said...

I just realized that I never blogged about my Tree Man obsession I had a couple of months ago. His body has had this freakish reaction to HPV, and now warts grow out of control to the point that it looks like branches and roots are sprouting from him. I feel bad for him, but it's so disgusting. Maybe I'll have to blog about him, after all.

Anyway, I wanted to show him because the thought of that happening to me is much more terrifying than cancer. Seriously.

Liz said...

I always ask people if they remember that commercial! And everybody thinks I'm crazy because why would they make an anti-meth commercial with such a catchy song!? By all means, it doesn't make sense. I've never even been 100% sure that it was an anti-meth commercial. Just that it said, "Ooh Meth, Mmmm Meth!"
I'm so glad I'm no longer alone in this world.

Whitney said...

haha that commercial is priceless!

Jeff said...

Of course I remember that commercial. Ooh Meth! Jules, please no pictures of the tree people. I will be forced to avoid your blog if you make me look at those pictures.

K, see ya!

Taren said...

I'm so glad you guys remember the commercial! It makes me so happy.

And, Jeff, you may not like looking at pictures of the Tree Man, but it sure makes you want to avoid HPV, doesn't it?!

Jules said...

Oops. That wasn't Taren who commented. That was me.

Drake said...

Meth, the Fresh-Maker.


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