Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Field Trip!

The other day I was looking through some of my old journals, and I found a few entries that involved my dear roomie, Taren. My favorite one said this:

Wednesday March 15, 2000

"...Lately I've been hanging out with my friend Taren. She can be really funny, but when we get together we act really retarded. Maybe that's why I like to hang out with her. I like to be able to act goofy and just have fun."

You know, I might as well have written that yesterday, because it's just as true today as it was ten years ago.

We DO act really retarded when we get together.

And, on that note, we're going to take a field trip to my roommate's blog, where you can read what happens when we put our minds together. Hop on over to Free Flan, everyone, and make sure you stick together! Don't get lost. (Of course, if you do get lost, Free Flan is a good place to be. I'll warn you, however, that you might come out with new-found respect for Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.)

(A piece of art from some of Julianna and Taren's earliest collaborative work. The original is on display in Julianna's journal, and will no doubt sell for millions of dollars.)


Drake said...

Hello! Found your blog through your roommate's. Looks like a fun read. :)

Jeff said...

I'm kind of obsessing over figuring out what you blurred out (in photoshop?) in your journal!

Taren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taren said...

Dear Jeff,

My address.
And phone number.


Why I thought it was fitting to right my contact details in Julianna's journal... I'm still not sure.

At least that's what Julianna told me... what a minute. I bet it said something about her being jealous of my golden blonde locks!... or other such scandal.


Taren said...

The sad thing is you'd think we were like 8... nope, 14.

Jules said...

Yes, I deleted Taren's contact information, because I didn't want her adoring fans to stalk her.

I also blurred out the part where we posted the true meaning of life, because I didn't want that information just floating out in cyberspace for anyone to read.


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