Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like the gift of a gun.

Happy Easter, everyone! Easter is so confusing to me. You'd think it would be our biggest holiday, due to the fact that it celebrates Christ's resurrection, which seems to me to be the most important event ever. But, it seems like no one really knows what to do with it. Uh, I guess we'll dye some eggs and, uh, fill this basket up with green plastic grass and toys?

Sure. That's a good way to celebrate the Atonement. OH! Don't forget to throw in the chocolate bunny so we can celebrate the fertility gods at the same time.

Our traditions are cool.

Speaking of traditions, it's my birthday this week. (Did you notice my pitiful attempt at transitioning smoothly into my next topic? Oh, my high school English teachers should be ashamed.) The thing about my birthday is that it comes at an awkward time of year: APRIL 7.

(Did you all get that? I SAID APRIL 7TH. I just thought I should randomly throw that date out for no apparent reason....)

There just always seems to be so much going on around that time. So, usually I get to celebrate my birthday over a bunch of different days. Hooray! Today was what we'll call my first birthday of the week. And I got a gun.

Watch out, world. I now own a gun. Yes, the girl who couldn't hit a pumpkin with a shotgun now owns an automatic rifle. (In my defense, the pumpkin was flying through the air. And I'm a better shot now....)

Happy birthday to me! Second birthday is tomorrow--MUSE CONCERT!! I'll let you know how it goes, so you can vicariously enjoy what is sure to be a fantastic show.


Mel said...

I think April is the PERFECT time to have a birthday. Sure, it's close to Easter, but you said it yourself that no one really knows how to celebrate that. That seems to be the only thing competing with an April b-day. An April b-day is far enough away from Christmas to not compete with that. You're usually in school during your b-day, so you get recognized--unlike those of us who have a summer birthday--when half our friends are gone on vacation--or whose b-day sometime fell in the first week of school. (Oh, it's your birthday? I barely met you yesterday in class, but, um, here's a _______(throw in something from the school supply list).) Or, you get school clothes/supplies FOR your b-day--instead of in addition to--since it's so close to school starting anyway. Plus, your birthstone is a freakin' DIAMOND, for goodness sakes!!!!
I could go on, but I'll stop. You can see I've thought about this, though. April is better for a birthday than August.

Melanie said...

Also, on Wednesday, we're going to lunch. And I may have to make you cupcakes. What flavor would you like?

Anonymous said...


Drake said...

I second Mel's April birthday preachin'. Though my birthday occasionally falls on Easter, I'd say its still a pretty solid month. The weather is always nice. Happy belated birthday, now embrace your April-hood!


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