Monday, January 25, 2010

The Ghetto Called. They Want Their Booty Back.

But I'm not giving it back to them!

It's no secret that I have what my little sister loving refers to as a "Beyonce Booty".

Usually I think I'm the only one who notices, but then certain things happen, like this:

A couple of weeks ago, my darling kindergarten children came into class. Now, our class consists of routine. They come in, sit in a circle, and then proceed to turn into little unmanageable balls of energy that run rampant around the room until class is done. This routine is very important.

On this particular day, they decided to skip the whole "sitting in a circle" part of the routine. I, being the incredible disciplinarian that I am, decided to nip this behavior in the bud. I said, "Children, what shape are we supposed to sit in when we come to class?" Then I drew different shapes on the board. A square? (The smart kindergarten kids said, "No!") A triangle? (No!) A diamond? (No!) A circle?

"Yes!" They cried in unison, with the exception of one little girl who said, "No. It's not finished yet."

"What's wrong with it?" I asked.

This darling girl came up to the board, erased a part of the circle, and said, "There. Now there's a place for you to sit."

Just when my heart was about to melt over the child's sweet gesture, all of the other kids yelled, "It's not done yet! Make it bigger."

So the girl erased more.


More was erased.


All right, kids, that's enough. Little punks. Respect the Beyonce Booty, okay?


Kim said...

I've decided this year my birthday wish is for a bigger booty. I say embrace it sistah.

Mel said...

I think Kindergartners have a problem distinguishing between "big" and "tall." To them, everything that's bigger/taller than they are is just BIG. Face it, you're tall. So, to them, you're big. It's kind of like in South America where anyone over 5'6" and/or 150 pounds is called "Gordo."


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