Friday, September 17, 2010

Public Service Announcement #2

Good job with refraining from using "git er done", my minions. Statistics show* that "git er done" usage is down by 36%. (Of course, it just went up since I used it twice. Blast.)

Even though we've cut back on one annoying phrase, though, there are many more out there. We've got work to do.

*Inspiring music begins to play in the background. You may all turn on the Braveheart soundtrack now.*

The fight may be long. The fight may be hard. There may be days when we feel like we are going to be overrun by the vast amount of people who don't know how speak correctly. BUT WE WILL NOT GIVE UP! We will not falter! Together we will show the world that they can continue to speak like idiots, but they can never make us speak like idiots!

*Music reaches a climactic point, and Jules raises her sword into the air.*


*Cheers fill the air.*


All right, here's the phrase we need to boycott this week:

"I could care less."

Example: "I don't want to hear your opinion. I could care less about what you think."

Hmmm. Think about it. If you COULD care less about what I think, why don't you go ahead and care less? What you mean to say is, "I COULDN'T care less about what you think."

There you go.

Go forth, my friends. Rid the world of "could care less".

I'm going to go off and help Scotland win its freedom.

(For the "Sons of Scotland" speech, skip to 4:28.)

Oh, Braveheart. I love you.

*All statistics are made up on the spot by me.


Melanie said...

AMEN! SUCH a huge pet peeve of mine.

Jeff said...

The one that bugs me in conjunction with "could care less" is "can't hardly wait." NO! You CAN hardly wait. Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do! (Sorry, still riding the inspirational speech vibe you've established with this post.) You could say, I can't wait. That works if you want to say it with a cannot. But you CANNOT say "can't hardly wait" as is the title of a movie, a song, and I've heard from various other sources as well. It bugs. It hardly makes me happy. (It doesn't hardly make me happy? Yeah, sounds dumb, right?)

Jules said...

That's a good one, Jeff. I think I should also bring up one of the lines from "Take Me Out To The Ball Game". People always sing, "I don't care if I ever get back." It's "I don't care if I NEVER get back."

That is all.

Kim said...

Kasidee and I spent 15 minutes or so of our precious teenage years discussing the "could care less" phrase and I have never said that way since, and I cringe every time I hear someone say it. Then again, I live in southern Utah so my face is in an almost constant cringe.

Jarom said...

So... Are there any one liners you actually like?


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