Monday, September 6, 2010

You Must Be At Least This Tall To Ride This Ride


Do you lack ambition? Did you not eat your vegetables when you were children?


I'm 5' 9 1/2". I'm not a freak of nature or anything. It should be possible for you to be taller than I am. And it would be preferable if you could still be taller than me when I'm wearing 3 inch high heels.

That's all, really.


Taren said...

there is a slew of dirty jokes that could be made about "you must be this tall to ride THIS ride"... but I will refrain.

Mrs. Indecisive said...

Know what Nicole Kidman said when she divorced Tom Cruise?

"I can finally wear heels again!"

You could marry someone as short as him, but uhm, minus the side of crazy

Abigail Christensen said...

Jules! Are you saying I'M a freak of nature?!? Haha! :D Seriously, though. It's the truth. Wheaties must not have been available to the male race for a while there...

Drake said...

Taren you beat me to the punch.

And I'm 5'11" but I'll round up to 6 feet if it'll let you wear heels again.

Jules said...

Yes, Taren and Drake, I realize that the title is full of innuendo. That is one of the reasons it's the title. ;-)

I love the Nicole Kidman story.

And thanks for being so generous, Drake.

Jeremy said...

Fun with statistics on height.

Jules-- you are taller than 96% of women. 39.7% of men are shorter than you. 70% are under 5'11" and 81.6% are under 6 ft and 90% are under 6'1"

So odds aren't terrible, but they aren't in your favor. But then, when have the odds ever been good with dating. ;)

Jarom said...

If I may file a complaint... Too common are couples where she has two, three or more inches in he, sans heels of course.


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