Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I love small town people.

When I say that, I actually mean people who live in small opposed to town people who are small. (Though I'm sure the small people are just as love-able.)

Why do I love the citizens of small towns? They're so gosh-darn easy going. That is why I want to take some time today to commend Eureka for its complete and total awesomeness.

We took a large group of people to Eureka last week to do some filming for Demon Chicken (premiering Dec. 9 in Pleasant Grove, peeps). Now, most people in "normal" cities would have a hernia if a drove of college-aged kids showed up in full make up to film a low budget movie, but not the good people of Eureka. No sir. They were excited about letting us use their town. Like, wanted to take pictures with us, excited. Like, wanted to help film, excited.

I'd especially like to take a moment to give a shout out to two very special Eurekans.

To Billy, the nice elderly gentleman who let us film in his buildings, you totally rock. And I think your idea of making a "topless bar" out of your roofless building is fantastic. Perhaps a little inappropriate and too progressive for a sleepy town, but fantastic nonetheless.

And to Craig, you might be the coolest sheriff I've ever met. Everyone, I want you to picture this in your head: Imagine that you are a sheriff. Yes, you. You are driving down the road in your sheriffy car, when you see some people running around dressed as zombies. "Huh," you think. "That's strange." Then you look across the street and see a girl (that would be me, Jules) dressed in nothing but a towel, being airbrushed blue. Now, you might be tempted to take some sort of disciplinary action against these hooligans, right? Well, not Craig! He drove his truck right up to me and said, "Hey. This looked like fun, so I thought I'd come over and see what you're doing."

Here's to you, Craig. And Billy. And Eureka.



Angie said...

I bet you just looked WAY to good in JUST the towel for him to do anything else. :)

Leah Jones said...

Oh good times, I loved all the people there. They truly made the day even more fun! Also a shout out needs to be made to Brad, of Brad's guns who let us use his phone, power and gave us advice as to where to get pizza.

Jeff said...

Three cheers for Eureka and this post! Hip hip...


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