Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'll let you know when I start my photography business.

I like to call this particular piece "Moving Out of the Basement Apartment".

I feel that it accurately captures the angst that comes with moving. You can almost hear the model in the photo (who is obviously a natural, by the way) saying, "Why don't I just light a match and start the forest somewhere?"

It's a modern-day version of The Scream, really.

Seriously, though. This moving thing is annoying.


Mel said...

It would be an interesting photography business, considering all of your photos are taken with your computer.

Jarom said...

Funny, provocative, entrancing, riveting. Ms. Boulter, you will go far.

Taren said...

one of us needs to clarify on our blog that there was no schism between us ;) people have begun to wonder... i just assume everyone should know the intricate details of my life -- you know, the contract up, your job in texas, etc.

no schism!


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