Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And Why Can't References to the Holocaust Be Funny?

Remember my pickiness about bananas? Well, my dear father (Hi Dad!) is very tolerant of my banana issues. In fact, even though I don't live at my parents' house, my dad still buys green bananas. On Sunday, he commented on the fact that I hadn't been around to eat the bananas.

Dad: See? I buy them green and nobody eats them.

Jules: I'm sorry! The window of opportunity is just too short.

Dad: I just need to get you a banana ripening chamber.

Jules: There's an idea.

Dad: You know how the banana gas chamber works, don't you?

Jules: Yes. The bananas are told to tie their shoes together so they'll get them back after their shower. But they don't get their shoes back.

Get it? Anyone?

*Crickets chirp*

Later conversation with Taren:

Taren: Yeah, I don't think anyone is going to think that's funny. The Holocaust isn't exactly a funny topic.

Jules: But THIS is funny! Bananas don't even WEAR shoes!

Oh, bananas with shoes. *Chuckle*


Mel said...

Is the banana ripening chamber similar to Dad's idea for the invention of the restaurant baby pod for crying children or just a reject from his earlier prototypes?

Unknown said...

At a friend's house years ago, someone asked me if I knew how to burn cds, and I replied, "Sure! You just throw them in an oven!" My VERY amusing quip was met by shocked silence by the rest of the group, who had somehow been discussing Jews.

Everyone laughed after it had been explained, but no, apparently the Holocaust isn't funny.

Jules said...

The banana ripening chamber is a legit thing, Mel! It's totally legit. I still think the baby pod would be a big hit.

Crystal, that comment made me chuckle.

I guess that Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust class in college desensitized me or something. It was an amazing class, but a whole semester of talking about one of the most horrific events in human history was very depressing. We had to find little bits of humor in it to keep us from going insane.

And that's my story.

Scott and Jillian said...

Uhm...I laughed. Am I going to hell now?

Would you like me to whip up (convince a friend who actually sews & doesn't just own a sewing machine that collects dust on the desk to whip) up a nice little pair of banana shoes for you?

Jeff said...

I'm a bit worried, too... because I also laughed, only a bit though. I think we all know I'm at least a bit morbid, as I have laughed at a song about a guy killing his kids. (Obviously a fictional song, but my morbidity shone through as I laughed, nonetheless.)

Jarom said...

I chuckled, but don't tell anyone...

Anonymous said...

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Kate said...

I laughed my butt off at this post. If I had been in person I would have laughed only mildly, with a furrowed brow, making kind of an "awww" sound. The one people make when they know they shouldn't...but they still do...

But since I'm not in person I laughed heartily, knowing just how sucky it is to make a clever joke, but the content just isn't quite...right.


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