Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flowers for Whom?

Today I got an email from a floral shop. The email says, "On Monday February 8th, you received flowers from us. We would like your feedback."

Here is my feedback:

"Next time I receive flowers from you, I would love to actually receive them."

That's like adding insult to injury, isn't it? NOT delivering flowers to me, and then telling me they want me to provide feedback on the flowers I didn't get? I mean, without that email I would never have known that I was supposed to get flowers. Now, though, I'm going to sit here wondering what happened to them.

Oh well. Maybe the neighbors upstairs received them, instead, and are enjoying them.

Or maybe they were carnations and the flower delivery guy instinctively knew that carnations are not my favorite, so he didn't bother to deliver them.

Anyway, if you were the person who decided to send me flowers, thanks so much! Sorry I didn't say anything earlier.

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some flowers for you:


Mel said...

Bummer!!! Stephen sent me flowers, which we delivered to our doorstep. We were home and heard the knock, but the FedEx guy was gone by the time we got downstairs. LATER, we found a note on the door from FedEx, saying they left a package on our doorstep. Neither of us can remember the note being there with the flowers, so we're not sure if it was for that or something else!!! I HATE feeling like you've missed out on something!!!


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