Monday, February 8, 2010

National Read in the Bathtub Day


I just found out that tomorrow, February 9th, is National Read in the Bathtub Day. (And, no, I didn't make this one up. Someone else made it up.) How sweet of the powers that be to create a day devoted to one of my favorite pastimes!

However, this makes me wonder something.

What does one need to do in order to create a National day? Or, say, a National Hermit Month? Does anyone know, or does anyone want to do the Google search for me?

Let's make next year officially official.

And everyone else, read in the tub tomorrow!! I think I'll continue my quest through The Chronicles of Narnia. Here I come, Prince Caspian!

What are you going to be reading?


Taren said...

it's true. you read all about prince caspian. i saw the book sitting next to the tub.


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