Friday, October 14, 2011

Two SQUEE Worthy Bits of News

I have two exciting pieces of news to deliver. We'll start with the most important.



(Ironically enough, I was in Texas when this particular ice cream parlor had their "We now have Blue Bell yay yay yay!" celebration. So, I was going to be having Blue Bell either way. Score. Love you, Texas! And most of all, I love all the wonderful people who let me hang out with them last week. Mwah! Miss you guys!)

And now for the second, slightly less important piece of news:

I'm engaged!

To this guy right here:

Hmmmmmm. Maybe we should find a different pic....

That's better.


I sure do love this boy. Even more than Blue Bell. (Don't tell that to Blue Bell, though. I don't want to hurt its feelings.)

And just for fun, here's a commercial we did together for BYU Broadcasting.  Enjoy.


Melanie said...

Besides the fact that I love YOU and I'm so freaking thrilled that you guys are getting MARRIED!...

Those commercials are amazing.


Whitney said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!!! Jules! that is so exciting, congratulations!

Alison Downs said...

Congratulations!! 2 epic moments happening at the same time...what are the odds? :)

Janeal said...

I'm fairly certain I've seen your fiancé perform at Comedy Sportz. Which would mean you two are going to have hilarious children. Congrats!

Michelle said...

Oh hey Jules. Just found your blog. Everyone should know that Jules, her fiance and I went and FOUND Blue Bell ice cream in Utah. It was glorious, and it will likely be happening again. Ayerwelcome.


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