Friday, October 14, 2011

Two SQUEE Worthy Bits of News

I have two exciting pieces of news to deliver. We'll start with the most important.



(Ironically enough, I was in Texas when this particular ice cream parlor had their "We now have Blue Bell yay yay yay!" celebration. So, I was going to be having Blue Bell either way. Score. Love you, Texas! And most of all, I love all the wonderful people who let me hang out with them last week. Mwah! Miss you guys!)

And now for the second, slightly less important piece of news:

I'm engaged!

To this guy right here:

Hmmmmmm. Maybe we should find a different pic....

That's better.


I sure do love this boy. Even more than Blue Bell. (Don't tell that to Blue Bell, though. I don't want to hurt its feelings.)

And just for fun, here's a commercial we did together for BYU Broadcasting.  Enjoy.


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