Thursday, December 2, 2010

NO, Katy. NO.

Once upon a time, I mentioned a few people who need a "No Girl"--someone to just say no to their bad ideas. Well, let me add Katy Perry to that list.

There are many times a No Girl would have been helpful for Katy. ("I think I'm going to marry Russell Brand." "No, Katy. No.") But I'm only going to address one.

Have you heard Katy's song Firework? I like it. It's catchy and has a nice message. However, have you seen the Firework music video? No? Behold! (You only need to watch the first minute or so to catch the "No" moment, though the whole video is weird.)

Now, children, can any of you guess which moment requires a no? Choose from one of the following options:

a) Shots of the city
b) Pool party
c) Family fight

Any guesses? D? Is that your final answer?

*Dora the Explorer Voice* VERY GOOD!

Honestly! What is going on? I get the concept--we're all special and have light within us. Yada yada. But is that really the best visual? Fireworks shooting out of our chests? Call me crazy, but I don't find that image very inspiring. To be honest, it reminds me of that scene from Austin Powers where the Go Go Girl Robots have machine guns in their chests....

Sorry. We're getting a little graphic today.

The point is that it's high time I make a business out of this No Girl thing. Everybody needs a No Girl (including me). I could be rich. RICH!

So, who wants to be the first person to hire me? Anyone, anyone? Willow Smith?


Kim said...

Oh my, and she's such a pretty girl when she's not exploding from the inside out.

Taren said...

You leave willow out of this. I'm her yes girl. Yes Yes YES!!!

*please only approve this, my second comment.

Michal Sarah said...

First- I will totally hire you! I so need a "No Girl"
Second- I loved that you called out Willow Smith. Remember when we were at Denny's and they were passing around her video. Not that cool guys.

You rock!

Jules said...

Taren, you know I care for you, but you need a No Girl when it comes to the whole tween music scene.

NO, TAREN. ;-)

hilarina said...

Benjamin couldn't stop laughing when it got to Katy's special "No" moment. He also speculated that this is how it went... A bunch of the guys sitting around as the team is brainstorming ideas and one of them leans over and whispers to another "You know, Katy will try anything. I'm totally going to pitch this idea." Lol. :o) I love you Jules. And I love you blog :)

Liz said...

I notice the boy who kisses another dude never has fireworks coming out of him. I hope the gay community is super offended by the message Katy is sending.

Jarom said...

Wait a second... Russel Brand isn't attractive?! Fellas, we've been going about this all wrong!

Whitney said...

remarkably more disturbing is the prego lady. I think a small child watching someone give birth is scary enough without the fireworks.

Tyler said...

Hahahahaha! [that's real laughter]

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The fireworks should be coming out of her mouth.


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