Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tribute to Goobers Everywhere

The ratio of Goobers to Normal people in a singles' ward is usually highly lopsided in favor of the Goobers. DRAT. Oh well. At least the Goobers do add a special dash of flavor to church activities...much like anchovy juice in Caesar dressing, or mold in cheese. :-) Let's face it, life just wouldn't be the same without the following conversations:

(Just to give you a mental picture, Boy #1--whom we'll refer to as Bill--has a very tall high forehead, thanks to hair loss. He wears glasses and doesn't smile. He talks in a very intense, slightly monotone voice. Think of Dwight Schrute from The Office. He is currently growing a big bushy beard, and when people ask him why he's growing said beard, he replies, in all seriousness, "I'm trying to look like Abraham Lincoln." ...Okay.... Boy #2, John, is pretty normal.)

Anyway, here's the conversation between Bill and John. John decided to complement Bill's maroon and gold tie.

John: I like your tie. It reminds me of Harry Potter.

Bill: (In his intense voice) What possible reasons would I have for wearing this tie?

John: Ummmm...

Bill: Reason #1--I look like Harry Potter. Reason #2--I attended the midnight release of the final Harry Potter book. Reason #3--These are the Gryffindor colors, and that's the house for which I would be selected. I also own the Slytherin tie.

John: Oh.

Ha ha. Taren overheard this conversation at one of our first ward functions, and it cracks me up to this day. These are the types of people who surround us, and will most likely be the only guys with enough gumption to ask us out on dates.

And people wonder why I'm not married? Hmmmmmm....


Mel said...

Ahhhhh.....I'll have to remember this story. That way I can share it at the wedding reception of you and "Bill." Or....Taren does have a thing for Harry Potter. Maybe she could learn to love Bill. (I'm kidding, of course!)

Jeff said...

What is this sudden flurry of writing?! I'm enjoying it! Keep it up! You know I love this story, as evidenced by me laughing for about 10 straight minutes about it. I think I still want to meet this Bill, even if it's only for a moment.

Jules said...

I hope you enjoyed meeting "Bill", Jeff. I hope you enjoyed it immensely....


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