Thursday, November 13, 2008

Irritation for the Day

I am a procrastinator. I can't help it--I was born that way. ;-)

As a procrastinator, I don't enjoy worrying about things until I absolutely have to. In keeping with the spirit of my procrastinational (yes, I just invented that word) tendencies, I want to kindly inform the world of a few tidbits of information that should not be discussed until a later date:

1) Christmas. Actually, I don't mind talking about Christmas during any time of the year. I do, however, think Nov 1 is a little too early to start playing Christmas songs only on the radio. It's also too early to start airing the Christmas commercials--I can only handle the glitter and jingle bells for a limited time, and two months definitely exceeds my glitter-tolerance. And, Wal-Mart, please don't bring out the Christmas merchandise until the Halloween merchandise is at least stored in the warehouse or something. Please. Give Thanksgiving a little chance to shine, will ya? The turkeys, pilgrims, and Indians deserve their time in the spotlight, too.

2) The 2012 Presidential Race. Heavens. We've just spent the last two years being bludgeoned over the head with constant updates on political campaigns. Obama hasn't even moved his stuff into the White House yet, and already I'm listening to people interviewing Palin about her possible plans to run for president! BLEH! No thanks! 2012 is a long way away, my friends. The world could be over by then, for all we know. Let's focus on things that are a little Thanksgiving!! (Apparently I'm running Thanksgiving's campaign for "The Best Holiday Ever!" award. We don't plan on winning, but we're going to fight with all the strength we can muster!! That is, if we don't get put into a tryptophan coma first....)

That's really about it, for now. If anything comes to my attention, I'll let you know. It is my duty, after all, to stand up for the rights of the procrastinating public. Take care, friends. And enjoy Thanksgiving! I'm sure that it will be the best holiday ever! (Please ask all your friends to vote for it, and make sure you create several Facebook groups instructing all 800 of your friends to do the same.)


Melanie said...

amen, sister friend! Amen. SHUT UP about another election already! I KNOW the pundits have nothing better to do, since they can't bring themselves to say anything negative about Obama, so maybe just SHUT UP for 5 minutes instead!

Mel said...

Thanksgiving: Yes We Can (or canned goods?)!

Jeff said...

I said the exact same thing when I walked into Wal-Mart the other day. "Give Thanksgiving a freakin' chance!" I'm afraid it's becoming Christmashopping Day instead of Thanksgiving Day! Amen to 2012 conversation as well. Just let us relax a minute and deal with that in 2012!

Brock and Stef said...

I totally agree on the christmas music. Could at least wait till december to play it I feel bad for Thanksgiving it get no attention whatsoever and it is a better holiday then Halloween!!! Ugh. so glad someone shares the same frustrations.


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