Sunday, July 29, 2007


Here are a couple of thoughts for today. First of all, I realized that I never wrote any tribute to my dear friend, Harry Potter. The 7th book is amazing, and if you haven't ever gotten in to the Harry Potter series, I suggest you read them. (And I mean, really read them. Don't just watch the movies because they aren't nearly as fun. ) And, if you really don't like reading, I will come and read them to you. Seriously! I've done it before.... So, if you need someone to read it to you, just give me a call and I'll come be the Story Lady for a little while...relatively free of charge. :-) Just give me some chocolate cake. :-)

Second thought: I am pretty glad to be moving out of my singles' ward. Once again this week I had the feeling that I'm not a part of the "cool" church group because a)I'm not a man and b) I'm not a returned missionary. Maybe this is a problem in every ward, but I hope not. I'm tired of feeling like a second class church citizen just because I happen to be a woman.

Alright, enough ranting.


Macy said...

I would love for you to read me Harry Potter. Right now, I'll just settle for Jim Dale on the CDs. I read book 7 already and now I'm listening to it again while I feed the baby. I'm sure he'll be even more gifted because I'm doing this. Glad you're blogging again. I miss your family. You're nephew is cute. World's longest comment...sorry.


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