Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mornings. GAH.

I am not a morning person. Have I mentioned this before? Yes. Will I continue to mention it? As long as I have to wake up in the morning, yes.

Are there any other non-morning people who feel my pain--the pain that comes from rolling out of bed before 6 am? I'm betting most of the people reading this feel the same way I do, as a matter of fact. So, here's my question:

If the majority of us are NOT morning people, why is it that we allow morning people to dictate our work/school schedules, hmm? Is it because they get up before we do and beat us to all of the decision-making meetings?

"All those in favor of starting the work day before 10 raise your hands. Hey! It looks like everyone here is in favor of this proposition. That's surprising! I thought for sure that the night people would vote against it."

"Um, sir, we're holding this meeting at 7:30 am. None of the night people made it."


Well, let's not be bullied any longer. I say we decide to start the work day at 10:00 am. None of this starting at 7:00 am stuff. Night people, now is the time to unite. Here is my plan:

First of all, we deprive the morning people of their caffeine. I'm sure they wouldn't be so happy about mornings without their coffee.

Secondly...that's as far as I've gotten. I'll work more on the plan when it's not so early in the morning. And then we will conquer, and the world will be glorious. I mean, if all businesses decided to open at ten, it would be totally cool! We could all get a little more sleep or get a few things done around the house or whatever. Brilliant? Yes. I should rule the world. But only after 10 am.


Mel said...

Maybe you just need to move to Toronto, where other night people seem to be making a difference, at least in the school system:

And, we all know that school is where you start taking over...ahem...influencing the world.

Jeff said...

As someone who very liberally plays with nocturnality and early and late and every sort of sleeping schedule you could imagine... trust me, Jules. (Yes, I even woke up before you did this morning! (And not just because of the time difference)) They all feel the same. If the work schedule didn't start until 10, you'd still have to mandate that it ends at the same time, thus we'd actually have more time for sleeping. If it's just shifted back, then we'll all just stay up later... and then 10 o'clock, will turn into your 6:00 am. It's a vicious cycle. (So I'm advocating cutting the first 3 or 4 hours out of the work-day... that wouldn't kill us all, right? :)
Speaking of weird sleep schedules, my roommate who's a Graveyard ER doctor just woke up!

Taren said...

I vote yes.

Jarom said...

Ever tried 5 hour energy... ;-)

Jules said...

Jeff, you're a crazy person! This schedule will work for SANE people. :-)

Kate said...

Night people CAN unite. However, I wouldn't like it if I woke up at 10 am and went to the deli to find that another night person hadn't made the bagels... or worse, that they had made them at NIGHT and they were now stale. For this reason I think we should keep morning people around, albeit in much lower positions than night people. They need to be doing things such as plowing the snow, dry cleaning my clothes so they are ready when I go pick them up at 11, marinating the steak for my lunch at 2. They should not, I repeat- NOT- be making such weighty decisions like what time the day begins. No no no. Get back to work, morning people, my Night friends and I will figure all of this out around 8 or 9 tonight.

Drake said...

Carpe noctum.


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