Thursday, May 6, 2010

Watch a movie, feel the burn.

"I will not run. Why punish my legs for something my mouth did?"

--Source Unknown for the Moment

(I couldn't remember who said this quote, so I decided to Google it. Note to self: Never Google anything containing the word "punish". Anyway, we'll just leave that quote author-less for now.)

I am not a runner. Unless something scary (like a bear or Tree Man) is chasing me, I just don't see the point of running. This has always been my philosophy. That is, until the glorious day when I discovered the cardio cinema at the gym!

It's amazing how quickly a movie can change my attitude. Running on a normal treadmill is like death and a baby. But, put that treadmill in a theater room and I'll run for miles, as happy as a hamster. (Get it? Hamster...because hamsters run on their little wheels for hours? What a brilliant metaphor. The writing in this post is just top-notch. You should be glad you're reading this.)

However, my hamster-like happiness has faded lately because it seems like Gold's Gym workers have terrible taste in movies. I have seen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull multiple times in that cardio cinema, unfortunately. I've seen The Proposal more times than I care to count, and I've even been fortunate enough enough to see parts of Step Up 2 and G Force. (Speaking of hamsters....)

But, the most annoying movie as of late is definitely We Are Marshall. I've seen the first half of that movie probably four times in the last month. Ugh. First of all, I get sick of inspirational sports movies really quickly. (I blame this on the fact that I was way overexposed to Remember the Titans during my high school years. "We need to have an inspirational assembly for all of the high school kids, so we're going to watch Remember the Titans." "We need an inspirational activity for the drama students, so we're going to watch Remember the Titans." "We need an inspirational activity for the floral arranging class. Remember the Titans it is!") Yes, I'm so happy that football is such a magical tool that brings us all together, but I don't want to watch a movie about it. Especially if Matthew Mcconaughey is playing the annoying head coach. And especially if I'm trying to run.

Maybe I should just imagine that I'm running away from that movie....


Tyler said...

I discovered the joys of cardio-cinema 2 months ago. I had similar feeling of euphoria...until they started showing the same movie every time I was there. My roommate and I have been trying in vain to convince employees to change the system. "Show one movie per day," we tell them. This way, People who come to the gym and the same time on different days of the week don't get repeats. No one I know stays in there long enough to watch and ENTIRE movie...not that that would be a bad thing. Anyway, go cardio-cinema.

Janeal said...

Have you heard about that movie theater somewhere in the world (sorry, too lazy to look it up), that's run by people on stationary bikes?

Yeah, supposedly if you volunteer to bike while you're watching the movie, you can watch it for free, because that's what runs the generators for the movie.

Mel said...

I DVRd "The Proposal" because we have a trial for Starz, and I'm recording tons of random movies I haven't/probably never would see otherwise to watch while I'm up at all hours of crap tv times feeding Ryan.
I could've done without it.

Madisen said...

Hey Jules, i have the same problem, but we have netflix instant play and i watch all sorts of movies while i walk on the tred-mill. i think instant play is pretty cheap and you can just run it on a laptop with head phones. it is fun and i hope this is helpful. My favorite thing to watch is the British sci-fi show doctor who.(it's pretty cool)
Love, Madisen C.


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